Index Press-centre Articles 35 facts reasoning why we vitally need water

35 facts reasoning why we vitally need water

35 facts reasoning why we vitally need water
  1. Water is our lifeblood. 50% loss of water from our body means that we will not be able to survive.
  2. Water is the main source and of energy and its transporter throughout the body. It generates electronic and magnetic energy inside each cell of the body and gives us the opportunity to live an active life.
  3. Water is the main link for the cell structure.
  4. Water prevents DNA damage and helps to restore the DNA that was already damaged.
  5. Water contributes significantly to the bone marrow immune protection, preventing diseases such as cancer.
  6. Water is the main solvent for all the vitamins and nutrients. It is used in the process of decomposition of food into smaller particles and their final absorption by the body during metabolism.
  7. Water fills food with energy, and allows nutrients to provide the body with the energy during digestion. Food has no energy value without water.
  8. Nutrients circulate in our body thanks to water that is transferred within the blood and other body fluids.
  9. Water carries oxygen to the cells of the body and takes away toxic gases for their purification in the lungs.
  10. Water collects toxic waste from various parts of the body and transmits them through the liver and kidneys for disposal.
  11. Water is the main lubrication of joints. It helps prevent arthritis and back pain.
  12. Water is present in the intervertebral discs as "cushioning water pad" that minimizes invasiveness of the discs.
  13. Water is best lubricant and laxative which prevents constipation.
  14. Water prevents clogging of arteries in heart and brain reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  15. Water is essential for the warming and cooling system of the body.  
  16. Water provides us with power and energy for all brain functions such as process of thinking, etc.
  17. Water is necessary for production of all hormones generated by the brain including melatonin.
  18. Water increases efficiency during work, and it facilitates better focus of attention.
  19. Water is the best drink in the world that has no side effects.
  20. Water helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
  21. Water returns normal sleep rhythm.
  22. Water helps reduce fatigue contributing to extension of youth of the body.  
  23. Water makes skin smoother and reduces signs of aging.  
  24. Water adds sparkle and shine to your eyes.
  25. Water helps prevent glaucoma (an eye disease).
  26. Water normalizes hematopoietic processes in bone marrow; it helps prevent occurrence of leukemia and lymphoma.
  27. Water dilutes blood and prevents it from clotting during circulation.
  28. Water decreases premenstrual pain and menopausal flashes.
  29. Water is essential in production of sex hormones; lack of these hormones is one of the main causes of impotence and loss of libido.
  30. Water is a key to losing weight without dieting. Timely intake of water will prevent you from excessive intake of food. Because centers of hunger and thirst are located nearby in the brain, we often take one for the other: we eat while it would have been enough just to drink a glass of water.
  31. Water cleanses the body of toxic waste products accumulate in the connective tissues, joints, kidneys, liver, brain, and skin during dehydration.
  32. Water reduces frequency of morning sickness during pregnancy.
  33. Water synchronizes functions of mind and body, increasing the ability to realize one’s goals and objectives.
  34. Water contributes to prevention of memory loss occurring due to aging. It also helps reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and Lou Gehrig's disease.
  35. Water helps get rid of habit of consuming caffeine, alcohol, and certain drugs.