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Chalap Jailoo

Chalap is a drink for every day use and worthy decoration for the holiday table. Traditional fermented milk beverage chalap "Zhailoo" is made from natural cow milk. Natural, refreshing, healthy beverage quenches thirst, tones up and invigorates. Thanks to presence of bifidobacteria, the beverage normalizes intestinal flora, stimulates immune system, and supports digestion and separation of toxins.

It is effective during hangover. It stimulates absorption of calcium, iron and vitamin D. The drink synthesizes vitamins of groups K and B, and amino acids. You can drink Chalap "Zhajloo" in the morning for normalization of the intestinal micro flora; you can drink it during lunch and dinner with meat and fat food for good digestion; and in the course of the day to quench thirst, and for energy and good mood.