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10 reasons to use fermented milk drinks of artezian company

1. Normalization of digestion and intestine microbial flora.

Normalization of digestion and intestine microbial floraThe body cells can accept only food split into ferments, which comes with blood. This process of splitting takes place in the human intestines due to useful microbial flora. With age increase the number of useful bacteria becomes smaller and this means that ferments supply to the body cells becomes worse. In addition to natural processes the situation is dramatized by alcohol consumption, low-grade medicines, and smoking. All this kills useful bacteria. The intestines can be returned to the optimal condition and its work can be harmonized using fermented mil drinks of Artezian Company. Their regular consumption will help to recover the necessary balance of useful bacteria.

The weak acid medium which is formed in the large bowel due to lactic acid and various antibacterial substances promotes elimination of malignant and foreign bacteria. Herewith profuse discharge of saliva, improvement of gastric juice release occurs, which causes quicker gastrointestinal digestion, strengthening of vermicular movement in the gastrointestinal tract, removal of painful conditions in the intestines and stomach. Fermented milk drinks TAN and Tamshan were recommended for prevention of dysbacteriosis, colitis, chronic gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, duodenitis, as well as dyspepsia. They are widely used in treatment and dietary nutrition.

2. Immune system reinforcement and organism tonus raising.

 Immune system reinforcement and organism tonus raisingBeing multifunctional the drinks of Artesian company make complex impact to the key systems of organism: immune, cardiovascular, and digestive. It is possible to make general prophylactics and make general reinforcing influence to the organism by their regular use. The central axle - immune system requires continuous feeding. Strong immune system guarantees good health and permanent tonus.

Consuming fermented milk products produced by us you will be able to stimulate immune reactions, protect organism from stress, promote neutralization of muscular fatigability, and influence to the general well-being. Our drinks contain amino acids, which give opportunity to support high productivity, quick recovery of forces after heavy work or disease.

3. Contribution to cholesterol level reduction.

Contribution to cholesterol level reductionIt is important to keep diet for the persons with diabetes. This helps them to normalize the carbohydrate metabolism and remove load from the weak pancreatic gland. Fermented milk drinks TAN and Tamshan have steadily fixed their positions in the dietary nutrition. Low fat content and pathogenic microbial flora fighting strengthening function ensure reduction of cholesterol levels in blood. Lactic acid and vitamin C contained in the drinks help to dissolve cholesterol plagues and reduce fat deposition in the cells. TAN and Tamshan are natural products which reduce human blood sugar level in a natural way.

Important! Compulsorily consult your attending medical doctor so that he could give you any actual recommendations concerning consumption of these drinks depending on your clinical history, test results and other important factors. He is the only person who can correctly evaluate you condition.

4. Metabolic processes improvement in the organism.

Metabolic processes improvement in the organismEvery day the body cells require specific set of nutritive substances for full-scale functioning. The man tries to supply it with all necessary to the best of his knowledge, abilities and laziness. But very often it happens that the most of substances coming into the organism are not just useless, but even harmful. Such substances include nitrites, pesticides, sugars, saturated fats and other. Herewith the deficit of such necessary nutrients as proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins is absolutely clearly seen. As a result, the person obtains metabolic disorder; he gains excess weight, and chronic diseases.

Fermented milk drinks produced by Artezian Company contain unique combination of natural microorganisms, which possess increased biochemical activeness. And this, in turn, promotes arrangement of quality process of metabolic function, removal of waste, toxins and other unwanted metabolism products. Recovery of fluid-and-electrolyte balance and general cleaning of organism takes place.

5. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome removal.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome removalApplication of fermented milk products helps to reduce manifestations of alcohol intoxication, remove alcohol withdrawal syndrome, manifestations of food poisoning, as well as makes favorable effect upon nausea and vomiting. Excess alcohol consumption triggers a chain of chemical reactions. For example the alcohol is disintegrating in liver and turns into acetic aldehyde. This chemical compound is an organic poison. While circulating with blood it affects the cells of liver, vessels, disturbs function of nervous, cardiovascular system, and gastrointestinal tract. It causes dehydration of the whole organism.

Favorable effect of fermented milk products Tamshan and TAN is based on useful bacteria and microorganism contained in them. The metabolism in the organism improves under their influence, demand for liquids is satisfied, and fluid-and-electrolyte balance comes to the norm. Active excretion of harmful alcohol decomposition products and reduction of their toxic effect take place. Organism quicker copes with the hangover condition. Lactic-acid bacteria bring the intestine microbiological flora balance to norm. It starts functioning correctly. Simultaneously, stimulation of immune reactions and decrease in load on liver take place. Lactic acid improves release of gastric juice, thus promoting quicker digestion of the stomach contents. Painful symptoms in the intestines and stomach will be eliminated, the work of kidneys will normalize.

6. Cardiovascular system strengthening.

Чтобы сохранить сердечно-сосудистую систему здоровой сделайте употребление кисломолочных напитков регулярным. Если у вас уже есть какие-либо заболевания из этой области, то следует в обязательном порядке наладить рацион. Cardiovascular system strengthening Regularly consume fermented milk drinks to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. If you have any diseases in this field, you should mandatorily adjust your diet.  Because the question, whether your cardiac muscle and the whole system receive required nutritive substances depends exactly on your diet. The most needed substances include:

  • Calcium. It serves as an important electrolyte for effective cardiac beat.
  • Proteins. Daily arrival of daily dose is required in digestible form.
  • Carbohydrates. Energy source for the cardiac muscle.
  • Vitamins. Admission of all main groups is important, but special importance is with vitamin C, as it is essential for metabolic process of the cardiac muscle.

Whole complex of these components is contained in the fermented milk drinks of Artezian Company, which makes them medicinal and dietary, and prophylactic product, useful for everyday use and during treatment of cardiovascular system’s diseases.

7. Assistance in weight reduction.

Assistance in weight reduction Big number of people in the modern society experience problems with excessive weight. One of measures to fight against excess of fat deposits is consumption of fermented milk drinks of Artezian brand. Their positive influence is stipulated by several reasons:

  1. Low energy value. A person can satisfy his hunger and thirst without overloading his organism with extra calories.
  2. Metabolism normalization. Very often the failure in metabolic process leads to excessive metabolic products deposition, and as a result, to appearing fat pool. Fermented milk drinks Tan and Tamshan from Artezian will help to adjust the correct metabolism and excrete wastes and toxins from the organism with the help of unique combination of useful microorganisms.
  3. Recovery of healthy intestine microbial flora. This leads to improvement in food absorbency, fats digestion, and prevents fat deposition.

The aggregate of these properties has made drinks Tamshan and Tan widely used in the sportive, curative and dietary nutrition.

8. Recommended for people taking exercises and fitness.

Recommended for people taking exercises and fitnessIf you regularly take exercises, fitness or often experience physical activity, consumption of fermented milk drinks should become standard practice for you. Their value is in presence of useful substances – amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates. All of them are very important for sportive and curative nutrition. Calcium contained in the drinks is important constructive material for the bone structures; in addition it is required for correct work of muscles.

After losing energy and loading all systems during physical exercises it is important to give the organism an opportunity to recover quickly. For this purpose it is necessary to obtain sufficient number of proteins and carbohydrates from food and drinks. Fermented milk products of Artesian Company perfectly fit for this purpose. Tan and Tamshan drinks take anabolic action, promote quick muscle building up ,accelerate recovery after traumas, protect and strengthen cardiovascular system, activate respiratory center, accelerate fat transformation preventing them from depositing in the problem zones. Herewith the drinks have soft flavor, and considered volume and shape of bottle allow to easily take them anywhere. In general all these factors make these drinks required among people taking physical exercises in the gyms and fitness clubs.

9. Indispensability in irregular nutrition.

Indispensability in irregular nutritionRapid tempo of modern life in the big cities make people live under continuous stress, be in permanent fair, when you should be able to do everything and forget nothing. The first thing which is usually sacrificed is regular eating. People are eating in motion, they eat whatever and how ever they can, without thinking of usefulness of the food they are eating. They just want it to be tasty enough. Obviously that such approach threatens with bad consequences to the organism vital activity in general, and for the health particularly. If the symptoms of well-being worsening do not manifest immediately, this does not mean that they are not accumulated. Many diseases can progress in a hidden way for a long period. Of course the person does not pay attention to them, which results in gastritis, pancreatitis, and other diseases. To reduce risk of such development of events, introduce a rule to drink a bottle of Tan or Tamshan when you feel hunger. This will satisfy the organism, protect the stomach, and bring general benefit. But this will not be enough, if you do not organize normal nutrition.

10. Thirst satisfaction, organism stimulation.

Thirst satisfaction, organism stimulationAccording to doctors’ recommendations the man should drink 1.5-2 liters of water every day. But if you try to fulfill this recommendation using soda pop, lemonade or other similar liquids, you can notice that you cannot satisfy thirst with them. Conversely the thirst will increase. This happens because such drinks contain big amount of sugar, including artificial sweeteners, which poorly removed from the oral mucosa by saliva. Therefore if you want to really satisfy the thirst, drink clean colorless unsweetened water or fermented milk drinks, wide range of which is offered to you by Artezian company. They perfectly cope with the thirst and stimulate the organism.