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Values and mission

«Dear consumers!

I am sure that in the very near future a new global culture of consumption will be formed. In this culture care of health will be proclaimed to be absolute priority. We can already observe growing consumer interest in healthy products. We hope that health and well-being will be determining factors for you when selecting food».

Best regards,
Director of “Artezian” LLC Zhaparov Y. T.

Mission of Artezian is development, production and promotion of high-quality natural products aimed at healthy diet and maintenance of physical health at high level by modern man.

Health is our wealth. We know that health is mainly determined by the nutritional status of food we consume, i.e. degree of energy supply and number of nutrients essential for life. Therefore, wrong and poor nutritious food consumption leads to development of various diseases.

Today we know that many diseases are caused by deficiency of number of substances that are natural biological regulators of metabolism in the body. With regard to this fact, modern approach to the treatment and prevention of diseases should include natural products in the diet. Natural products can make up the deficit to some extent.

Taking into account everything mentioned above and taking care of human health, the "Artezian" company offers wide range of highly efficient products that contribute to the optimization of nutrition and prevention of many diseases as well as provide an auxiliary therapeutic effect. They are examples of healthy diet, and they contain several micro elements enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients essential to the body.

Corporate values and priorities

We develop products aimed at health of our consumers. Old, well-established recipes that were passed from generation to generation are the secret to a diverse range of products.

By today, following its values the "Artezian" company combined modern technology and ancient recipes into its high quality natural products. With this manufacturing philosophy, we support the desire of our customers to be healthy, resilient and cheerful.

Responsibility is one of the basic corporate values of the Artezian Company.

  • We are responsible for our products and ongoing operations. We want to justify all the hopes and expectations, and we strive to back up our promises in any kind of cases whether they are major or minor.
  • We take full responsibility over our activities and the environment in which they are carried out. The purpose of the company is to implement projects on environmentally, socially and financially stable basis today as well as in the future.

Openness toward cooperation.

Our work is completely open and transparent. We collaborate and interact within the company and outside of it.

Goals and objectives of the Artezian Company

Environment, quality, health and safety.

  • Developing and producing safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly products while efficiently maintaining natural resources.
  • Preventing work-related accidents and their possible consequences.
  • Reducing amount and severity of emissions and waste resulting from production; increasing level of recycling and regeneration of waste.
  • Encouraging open discussion and collaboration on issues related to health and safety of the environment within the company and around: net of customers, suppliers, government agencies, and other interested individuals and organizations.
  • Emphasizing needs of the consumers and better ways of meeting them.