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Artezian – natural drinks for your health!

When choosing bottled water it is better to give preferences to domestic manufacturers because in this case, you can at least have some understanding of its sources. The "Artezian" Company is a producer of natural table water and national drinks in Kyrgyzstan. It was founded in 2003. In a short period of time, rapidly increasing its production volume and products assortment, the Artezian Company gained popularity among broad range of consumers audience around the whole Kyrgyzstan.

The name "Artezian" was chosen because this water comes from the bottom or heart of the earth, and this fact assures pureness and cleanness of the water. This means that bacteria, acid rain, and toxins cannot reach the artesian spring and pollute it. Such water contains only minerals and can be recommended for daily use for adults as well as for children. Therefore, the water is considered as first-born, unspoilt and truly unique; each drop of this water is indeed valuable. By today Artezian broke the thousand-year captivity of the earth to help maintain your body's water balance and support your health.

Artezian is water from the heart of the earth!