Baked milk

The milk is twice more tasty... By its effectiveness milk profess to the title of “elixir of life”. Baked milk has the highest usefulness among all dairy beverages.

Those, who cannot drink whole milk, are recommended to drink baked milk by the doctors. Those, who can’t stand the fermented milk products, can replace kefir and lapper milk with baked milk. Even those, who object the taste of fresh milk, can’t refuse from baked milk. Baked milk carefully preserves all useful substances and medicinal properties the best. In former times the milk was slowly stewed in the Russian stove for long time until it obtained specific cream color and soft delicate flavor.

At present the baked milk is produced industrially using the following technology: the raw materials are pasteurized, and then kept at permanent temperature 90-95 OC in the closed containers with continuous stirring. The process lasts for several hours, and then the product is cooled to 40 °С, discharge it to the cooler and put to the packs. Baked milk produced in this way does not clabber much longer than boiled or whole milk and is preserved perfectly. Baked milk can be consumed crude and heated, and can be used in various culinary recipes for baking and production of creams and sauces.

Artezian Company is the only enterprise in Kyrgyzstan, which produces baked milk in the glass bottles. This natural and useful product is the pride of our factory.

The factory is justifiably proud of the fact that the use of milk powders is prohibited here. Neither conserving agents, nor stabilizers used in the high-tech production lines. Strict laboratory control permanently supports high quality standard of natural baked milk, which enraptures with its taste, carefully preserving all useful properties.


Baked milk contains full-fledged protein with balanced amino acid composition, saturated and unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamin PP, C, D, H, thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, choline, folic acid, macroelements (magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, chloride) and microelements.

Useful properties of baked milk

Due to long-term heating and partial moisture evaporation several times higher levels of vitamin A, ferrum and calcium present in the baked milk, which makes it especially useful for the diet of children and pregnant women, who experience especially high need in these biologically active substances. Calcium and vitamin D are prophylactic antirachitic means which strengthen the teeth, bones and nails. Phosphorus and vitamin A contained in the baked milk are necessary for normal development and formation of central nervous system and eyesight. Antioxidant vitamins C and E activite the work of immune system and normalize the endocrine profile.

The taste of baked milk of Artezian Company makes you return to it again and again. It is like if it would be baked in the Russian stove, so sweet, thick and silky. The words “partake” and “enjoy” become best for it; it is hard to call it usual, because it is delicious.

Baked milk (stewed milk) – a light brownish drink derived from the whole milk by means of boiling it and further maintaining at constantly high temperature in the hermetically sealed container. The product similar with baked milk cannot be found in any part of the world, except Russia and CIS countries. Even in antiquity the peasants were filling the crocks with bovine milk, put them into the hot stove and slowly stewed for day and night. As a result of such processing the milk was covering with a thick film of jellied fat at the surface, and the drink itself obtained wonderful creamy color and incredible saturated graceful taste and flavor.

Baked milk – the taste of home traditions!