The medical investigation has proved that the consumption of TAN favorable influences to the functions of gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system. By the middle of XIX century Russian doctors have become interested with the secrets of longevity of Caucasian people, and they have decided that the whole trick is in the healthful drink, which was consumed in Caucasus since the old days. It was called with sound name “TAN”. The doctors have made their conclusion, that TAN has bactericide properties and perfectly cures many gastrointestinal problems. But it was not easy to obtain the ferment. The highlanders watched the recipe of TAN and made their secret their national property. The elders were telling to young people: if you give the ferment to the stranger the whole ferment of TAN will die and the village will suffer from celestial punishment.

The legend says that the Russian beauty has obtained a secret, because sultry Armenian prince could not stand to her charms. Begging her to accept his hand the young admirer gave a young woman not half of his country, but ten pounds of TAN ferment. And she escaped with his gift! It has turned out that the Russian beauty was sent as a spy to the Caucasus by Russian dairy kings. Thus this drink has got to Russia. TAN is natural fermented milk drink made of cow whole milk by means of ripening using special ferments, which consist of lactic-acid bacterium, dairy yeast, water and table salt. Regular consumption of TAN prevents dysbacteriosis, colitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, and allergic disease. TAN is applied as prophylactic in epidemic and in the regions with adverse ecological conditions. It improves the metabolism, actively reduces the body mass, and is considered to be the best means to remove alcohol withdrawal syndrome due to presence of natural antioxidants. In 2004 TAN trademark has received 2 diplomas of International exhibition fairs “Bishkek - 2004” and “Kyrgyzstan – 2004”. The producer of TAN beverage, Artezian LLC, which perfectly knows all details for production of this drink, uses in its production only high quality and ecologically clean products, and production of TAN is carried out using the most up-to-date equipment. All these factors serve as the security for high quality and compliance with all requirements, set to this product.