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The weakest and the most protection requiring population part is children. Everything that expects them in the future strongly depends on their parents. Do you remember yourself as a child? Since early childhood the parents remember everything about us – the first word, the first step… we can remember ourselves a bit later – the first school class, first school teacher, university, first love... These memories remain with us during the whole our life, and during all this time, in all these moments, our parents have always been next to us, they were our prop and stay.

But sometimes it happens that the parents are just missing and you are growing up with the other children, which are the same as you, in the orphanage… here nobody expresses his care to you as if you had your own home and you own mother and father. The life here is different, everyone is equal here, and what life you will have in future is depending only on yourself! It is a pity, but there are a lot of such children in our country. What has the morrow in store for them? Who will give them a hand in the challenging times?

In our country the care about orphan children is very insignificant; the funds allocated by the state are hardly enough for living, without saying about clothes and footwear, toys, books etc. Maybe you are already familiar with the red strip on the bottles with ARTEZIAN mineral water and TAN fermented-milk drink with the inscription reading: “0.5 KGS will be sent to help orphan children”.

Charitable act of Artezian company

The charitable act of ARTEZIAN Company lasts for one year. During this period assistance was provided to 14 orphan asylums and specialized institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic. The assistance is provided mostly by providing clothes, footwear, stationery, washing means, and food stuff.

Here you can see a list of orphan asylums which received assistance from the ARTEZIAN Company during a year:

  1. Kras naya Rechka boarding school (the Krasnaya Rechka village).
  2. Belovodsk boarding school (the Belovodskoe village).
  3. Bishkek baby house (Bishkek).
  4. Kant adaptational center Umut (Kant).
  5. Chui orphan asylum (the Chui village).
  6. Aksuu orphan asylum (the Teploklyuchenka village, Karakol).
  7. “Kind family” orphan asylum (the Semenovka village, Cholpon-Ata).
  8. Kadamzhai boarding school (the Batken district).
  9. Batken orphan asylum (the Batken district).
  10. Naryn orphan asylum (Naryn).
  11. Disabled persons home (Home).
  12. Panfilovo orphan asylum.
  13. Republican Mental Health Center (50 people, Bishkek).
  14. “Children’s friend” shelter (22 people, the Sokuluk village).
  15. Kochkorka orphan asylum (named after K. Aknazarov), 55 full orphans + 77 full orphans from Kochkorka district – total of 132 people.
  16. National Olympic Committee, football match between physically handicapped children. Number of participants is 500 children.
  17. Alamedin Center of cosial support and family based in the Kindergarten No. 2 – 58 children.
  18. Belovodskoe orphan asylum – 85 children.
  19. Assistance to Belovodskoe orphan asylum – 65 children.
  20. Assistance to Krasnay Rechka boarding school – 160 children.
  21. Osh orphan asylum – 96 children.
  22. Jalal-Abad Child Psychoneurological Boarding School - 113 children.

This is more than 2000 orphan children!

The number of supported orphan asylums increases every month, because every citizen of Kyrgyzstan becomes a member of this charitable act thanks to red strip on the labels of ARTEZIAN table water and TAN beverage.

Everything what is needed from us is to pay attention to such an acute problem and make own input into a good deed, results of which will be presented to you in the mass media. Every published article is a report by ARTEZIAN Company to those people, who bought the Company products and thus become a participant of the charitable act. The children are our future$ we can and should give them all the best. Let’s help children together, because they are the future of our country, which will become our present tomorrow. We have already made jointly a significant deed for the orphan children who need our care and attention so much! 

Take part in the charitable act and there will be more happy smiles in the children’s faces!