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Melted butter

Melted butter - purified butter fat, prepared from butter removing a water, milk proteins and milk sugar. It contains much less water than butter, which allows to store it for much longer.

The main useful feature of melted butter is the ability to increase the energy of digestion in the human body. It helps digest food without clogging the liver! It has beneficial effects on the reproductive system, intelligence, positive effect on the central nervous system, improves mental processes, memory, as well as human tissue thin. It fights with active radicals, and daily intake moves out toxins and wastes from the body! It can replace conventional animal fats or butter.

Miraculous power has melted butter when used for cosmetic purposes. It fairly quickly penetrates the skin pores and thus perfectly absorbed into the skin. Within the dermal layers, butter actively dissolves and removes accumulated there salt slags and toxins. Therefore, after the treatments using melted butter the skin becomes delicate, smooth and incredibly soft.

Melted butter is effectively in autumn, windy and cold weather. When drying of the nasal mucosa to lubricate it with butter so that will protect against infections and colds.


Melted butter is the pure energy of fire!