"Maksym" is nonalcoholic, ecologically clean beverage. It is made of selected grades of barley, wheat, maize with addition of roasted peanut and artesian water. It contains vitamins required for human body: B1, B2, C, PP. It perfectly satisfies thirst and hunger, has tonic and medicinal properties. In translation from the Mongol language, “Maksym” means “drink of immortality”. The legend claims that hungry 9 years old Genghis Khan has tasted this overwhelmingly tasty and nutritious drink from the nomad old man, who was the descendent of ancient Sumerian. The future great ruler liked this ancient Sumerian drink so much, that he has learned the secret of its production from the old man, and later, after the death of his father, exactly this drink helped Genghis Khan’s family to survive and live until he grew up and reached maturity.

Later this drink has made his army mobile and lightning-like, because they needed not to bring carts with the provisions, but every warrior was carrying components for production of this drink. This helped Genghis Khan to win many victories. Now the recipe of ancient victory drink was carefully recovered in our days using ancient manuscripts. But the drink has kept its properties in our days as well!