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Water Rodnik (Родник)

Булак — ичилүүчү суунун булагы эле эмес,

бул – бизди өткөндөгүбүз жана келечегибиз

 менен  байланыштырып турган жандуу жип
(Элдик накыл кеп)

Rodnik is not just a source of potable water,
it is lively thread that connects us with past as well as with future.

(Folk wisdom)

The sacrament of birth of natural potable water Rodnik is accomplished at the depth of 120 meters below the ground. Thick layers of clay and sand protect the aquifer from external influence and inflows of water from the upper horizons. Unique natural conditions which create natural mineral water determine special value of the Rondik potable water. This water is full of the energy of nature, and it is truly able to quench your thirst because it contains an invisible life force preserving and extending our lives.

There are only 10 minutes from the well to the bottle! This means that the Rodnik natural mineral bottled table water retains maximum of its natural beneficial properties. The well from which we get the water is located in the territory of the " Artesian” LLC. Water comes from the well directly to the manufactory where it is gently processed and bottled. Mineral composition of the Rodnik natural drinking water is stable for 6 months; this is confirmed by the results of tests that we conduct every day. Bowels of the earth carefully guard secret of creation of this noble drink, and we strictly adhere to the purification technology that allows us to store all the richness and beneficial properties. Production takes place in the modern automated equipment, and it also provides perfect quality and price affordable to every consumer.

We have chosen minimalist style for the design of bottles to accentuate natural advantages of the natural product. "Rodnik" is not only a great thirst quencher, it also improves health, increases activity and vitality of consumers, and gives strength for new feats and achievements.

Mineralization and ionic composition of water

Mineralization Basic ionic composition (mg/dm3)
g/dm3 HCO3 SO4 Cl - Ca ++ Mg ++ (Na + K)
0,2 - 0,3 128 26 9 40 7 11