Ayran - this is one of the oldest fermented milk products. Its discoverers - Turkic nomads. They looking for universal product (nutrient and having an extended storage period) first prepared Ayran. Ayran “Zhuurat” from the Company “Artesian” has all the useful features, and that should have properly prepared fermented milk products of mixed fermentation. The word “zhuurat” means thick ayran made ​​from whole milk without adding water.

Useful properties of Ayran:

  • Well absorbed;
  • Beneficial effect on intestines and stomach;
  • Improves brain function, increases blood flow to the lungs;
  • Strengthens the nervous system;
  • Quenches thirst and invigorates;
  • Enhances immunity.

For a reason among the nations who often uses ayran there are many centenarians. The maturation process takes place directly in the glass container.

Advantages of a glass bottle:

  • Conveniently closing cover “Twist-off”;
  • Glass - ecologically clean container;
  • Product quality can be assessed visually;
  • Preserved natural and natural taste;
  • Increased expiration date.

Ayran “Zhuurat” - the way to health and longevity!